Light show and more at former clinic building


HURON — A holiday light show set to music is now live at the corner of 5th Street and Kansas Ave., in downtown Huron.

Erick and Nicola Larson, with the support of Huron Regional Medical Center (HRMC) to utilize the long-revered Tschetter & Hohm Clinic building as well as several HRMC facilities staff members giving of their own time, have fashioned a display of lights, synchronized to music at 94.1 FM.

The Larsons, who have traditionally held the display at their home, decided to bring the event to the heart of Huron to share their excitement for the season.

Larson, who serves as president and CEO for HRMC, enjoys sharing his passion, “I love music and I think it stirs something in the soul. For me, putting music with lights is a way to connect with feelings from memories of the past and I hope it helps others do the same.”

Along with lights and music, the Larsons have created a photo station with angel wings that can be set to reflect several different colors as well as a mailbox for children to deposit letters to Santa Claus. Return addresses are encouraged as response letters will be mailed.

The Larsons are collaborating with the HRMC Foundation, offering light show visitors the opportunity to give to the Foundation via online donations. “The Foundation’s mission to support and sustain quality health care and wellness in our community is at the heart of why Erick and I do this,” stated Mrs. Larson, director of Human Resources at HRMC and Foundation chairperson, “Even if we have a small part in enriching the experiences of people in Huron, we feel enormously fulfilled.”

Visitors desiring to donate to the Foundation or learn more can scan the QR codes at light show or visit and visit the special events page. The display remain through the evening of January 5.