2017 track champions crowned at DSFS

HURON — Blayne Baloun of St. Lawrence and Kelly Duffy of Winner won their first track championships on Saturday at Dakota State Fair Speedway, but it was Chad Becker of Aberdeen holding off David McDonald of Huron to win his third track title of his career in the WISSOTA late model division, which provided the most intriguing finish in the point standings.
With Becker holding just a seven-point advantage heading into the season championships, McDonald was able to gain some ground with a victory in his heat race. Becker was fourth in that race, dropping his lead to just four points with only the main event remaining to clinch the season championship.
Becker was able to finish third in the feature race, one spot in front of McDonald, to secure the title. He also won late model track championships at DSFS in 2009 and 2012.
Gary Brown Jr. of Sioux Falls recorded the win in the late model main event for the ninth victory of his career at the Huron oval. He used a slide job in turn four on the 12th lap of the 20-lap race to take the lead from Scott Ward of Watertown and led the rest of the way.
Ward, who took the lead from Becker on six and led the next six laps, finished second. Becker, was third, followed by McDonald and Duffy.
McDonald and Brown Jr. were the late model heat race winners.
Duffy, who pulls double duty in the the WISSOTA super stock division, claimed his first track champion on Saturday. Duffy finished seventh in the feature race en route to winning the title.
Tyler Myers of Ethan led from start to finish in the 15-lap super stock main event to earn his second win of the season and second of his career.
Alan Dorris of Wolsey, who started along side Myers in the front row, was second. Kip Myers of Ethan was third, followed by Jeremy North and Cole Searing of Huron in the fourth and fifth spots, respectively.
The final finish in the feature race was based on the running order on lap 14, as Kipp DeGroot of Platte, who was running third, spun in turns three and four on the final lap. The incident caused a pile up involving several cars directly behind him.
Searing and Kip Myers were the super stock heat race winners.
With a 58-point advantage heading into Saturday’s program, Baloun had a lock on the first track championship of his career at DSFS in the WISSOTA street stock division. He was seventh in the feature race.
Broc Stout of Winner won his second straight street stock main event. He led the seven laps of the 12-lap race for his fourth win of the season and 18th of his career at the Huron track.
Ryan Nelson of Madison, Minn., who led the second lap, finished as the runner-up in the street stock race, while Chris Serr of Aberdeen, who led the other four of the first five laps, was third. Scott Borkowski of Volga and Jeremy Sengelmann of Dallas were fourth and fifth, respectively.
Maria Broksieck of Goodwin and Stout were the heat race winners in the street stock division.
Mike Nichols of Watertown won his third career feature race, but it was Lorin Johnson of Miller who claimed his 12th track championship in the WISSOTA Midwest modified division.
It was the fourth track Midwest modified track title in the last five years for Johnson and fifth overall. He won his first track championship in the super stock division in 1983 and also owns two more super stock titles (2004, 2012); three modified titles (1987, 1990, 1991); and a late model title (2001).
Nichols held off Johnson for his second feature win of the season in the Midwest modified division. Johnson inherited the second spot with just two laps remaining as his son, Lane, who was running second, and Scott Hansen of Garden City tangled coming out of the second turn on what would’ve been the final lap of the race. Both were sent to the back of the field for the incident.
Kyle Knouse of Huron would finish third in the Midwest modified main event, followed by Lyndon Johnson of Montrose and James Reiner of Wessington Springs.
Collecting Midwest modified heat wins were Lyndon Johnson, Tony Konold of Clear Lake and Lorin Johnson and Nichols.
Tyler McDonald of Huron wasn’t able to get past Jordan Foster of Henry during the WISSOTA modified feature race on Saturday, however, he was able to secure his second track championship in the division. He won his first track title in 2015.
McDonald threw everything he had at Foster during the 15-lap feature race, but Foster held on for the third win of his career at DSFS. His last victory came in June of 2014.
Alex Guthmiller of Huron was third in the modified main event, followed by Nick Wranek of Harrisburg and David Carlson of Huron.
Foster and David McDonald won the modified heat races.
While Saturday’s program wrapped up the points season at Dakota State Fair Speedway, there is still plenty of action remaining with the 2017 Speedway Motors WISSOTA 100 scheduled to be held Sept. 13-16 at the Huron oval.
For more information on the premier WISSOTA event of the season, visit www.dakotapromotions.com.

WISSOTA Street Stock
Heat 1: 1, Maria Broksieck, Goodwin; 2, Ryan Nelson, Madison, Minn.; 3, Scott Borstad, Volga; 4, Chris Serr, Aberdeen; 5, Nathan Davis, Spearfish; 6, Travis Oxandaburu, Huron; (did not finish) 7, Dave Brooker, Tulare; 8, Brandon Schmitt, Clark; 9, Cole Phillips, Winner.
Heat 2: 1, Broc Stout, Winner; 2, Michael Bogh, Huron; 3, Blayne Baloun, St. Lawrence; 4, Dylan Arndt, Ortonville, Minn.; 5, Kenneth Clements, Madison; 6, Jeremy Sengelmann, Dallas; 7, Casey Carstens, Mitchell; 8, Corey Jurrens, Lake Preston; (did not finish) 9, Mathew Goth, Madison.
Main event: 1, Stout; 2, Nelson; 3, Serr; 4, Borstad; 5, Arndt; 6, Baloun; 7, Broksieck; 8, Davis; 9, Bogh; 10, Clements; 11, Sengelmann; 12, Schmitt; 13, Goth; 14, Oxandaburu; 15, Jurrens; (did not finish); 16, Phillips; 17, Carstens; (did not start) Brooker.
WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat 1: 1, Lyndon Johnson, Montrose; 2, Kyle Knouse, Huron; 3, Tracy Johnson, Lake Preston; 4, Cole DeJong, Cavour; 5, Jayme Peterson, Highmore; 6, Cory Berquist, Huron; 7, Scott Phillips, Huron.
Heat 2: 1, Tony Konold, Clear Lake; 2, Scott Hansen, Garden City; 3, Brock Hess, Sioux Falls; 4, Nathan Grehl, Hitchcock; 5, Jeremy Groenewold, Yale; 6, Jason Milbrandt, Huron; (did not finish) 7, Rodney Cook, Lake Preston.
Heat 3: 1, Lorin Johnson, Miller; 2, Lane Johnson, Miller; 3, James Reiner, Wessington Springs; 4, Darren Engesser, Gary; 5, Kyle Carter, Wolsey; (did not finish) 6, Blake Meyer, Huron.
Heat 4: 1, Mike Nichols, Watertown; 2, Britt Williams, Ft. Pierre; 3, Brad Kopecky, Miller; 4, Brian Bachmann, Pierre; 5, Robert Harder Sr., Huron; (did not finish) 6, Tanner Grohs, Wessington Springs.
B-main event: 1, Peterson; 2, Berquist; 3, Carter; 4, Harder Sr.; (did not finish) 5, Phillips; 6, Meyer; 7, Milbrandt; 8, Groenewold; 9, Cook; (did not start) Grohs.
Main event: 1, Nichols; 2, Lorin Johnson; 3, Knouse; 4, Lyndon Johnson; 5, Reiner; 6, Williams; 7, Carter; 8, Hess; 9, Bachmann; 10, Hansen; 11, Harder Sr.; 12, Lane Johnson; 13, Berquist; (did not finish) 14, Engesser; 15, DeJong; 16, Kopecky; 17, T. Johnson; 18, Konold; 19, Peterson; 20, Grehl.
WISSOTA Modified
Heat 1: 1, David McDonald, Huron; 2, Chad Olsen, Hendricks, Minn.; 3, Tyler McDonald, Huron; 4, Alex Guthmiller, Huron; 5, Nich Grehl, Hitchcock; 6, Nick Wranek, Harrisburg; (did not finish) 7, Cody Songer.
Heat 2: 1, Jordan Foster, Henry; 2, Dale Ames, Huron; 3, David Carlson, Huron; 4, Jayson Good, Watertown; 5, Thomas Foster, Henry; (disqualified) Terry Bendel, Madison, Minn.
Main event: 1, J. Foster; 2, T. McDonald; 3, Guthmiller; 4, Wranek; 5, Carlson; 6 D. McDonald; (did not finish) 7, Olsen; 8, Bendel; 9, Songer; 10, Ames; 11, T. Foster; 12, Grehl; 13, Good.
WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat 1: 1, Cole Searing, Huron; 2, Kelly Duffy, Winner; 3, Jeremy North, Huron; 4, Tyler Myers, Ethan; 5, Cody Martin, Ethan; 6, Ryan Flaten, Madison, Minn.; (disqualified) Dale Tomes, Dell Rapids.
Heat 2: 1, Kip Myers, Ethan; 2, Chris Walker, Spearfish; 3, Alan Dorris, Wolsey; 4, Kipp Degroot, Platte; (did not finish) 5, Corey Elward, Mitchell; 6, Dave Brooker, Tulare; 7, Casey Hanson, Badger.
Main event: 1, T. Myers; 2, Dorris; 3, K. Myers’ 4, North; 5, Searing; 6, Hanson; 7, Duffy; 8, Walker; 9, Elward; 10, Martin; 11, Tomes; 12, Degroot; (did not finish) 13, Flaten; (did not start) Brooker.
WISSOTA Late Model
Heat 1: 1, David McDonald, Huron; 2, Scott Ward, Watertown; 3, Dustin Arthur, St. Lawrence; 4, Chad Becker; 5, Tyler Lambert, Bath; 6, Scott Borkowski, Mitchell; (did not finish) 7, Chad Olsen, Hendricks, Minn.
Heat 2: 1, Gary Brown Jr. , Brandon; 2, Jordan Heiman, Sioux Falls; 3, Brad Vogt, Pierce, Neb.; 4, Virgil Randall, Interior; 5, Rich Thomas, Aberdeen; (did not finish) 6, Kelly Duffy, Winner; (disqualified) Roger Bitz.
Main event: 1, Brown Jr.; 2, Ward; 3, Becker; 4, McDonald; 5, Duffy; 6, Lambert; 7, Borkowski; 8, Vogt; 9, Randall; 10, Thomas; 11, Bitz; (did not finish) 12, Heiman; 13, Olsen; 14, Arthur.


Broc Stout of Winner battles Chris Serr for the lead during the WISSOTA street stock feature race on Saturday at Dakota State Fair Speedway.



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