Riding through the Rainbow

HURON — Excitement, enthusiasm and color was in the air at Ravine Lake Saturday morning at the fourth annual Rainbow Run/Walk held by partners Huron Public School Wellness and Huron Regional Medical Center. Participants gathered at Putters and Scoops before the run to register, there were families, students, runners, and people out to enjoy the walk all taking part.
The trail looped around the lake and Memorial Park then ended back at Putters and Scoops. Organizers Heather Rozell, Madison 2-3 Center Principal, Angie Boetel, Madison Secretary, and Rita Baszler, School Nurse, explain the event is to promote wellness, family activities and being a part of the community.
The event is free for participants and takes about 25 helping hands to run. Volunteers included cross country runners, school employees and parents.


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