School notes 12-16-23


Huron High School newspaper

The HHS newspaper, Tiger Stripes, is a 12-page monthly paper, where students learn on the job, creating the paper while studying the ins and outs of newspaper production:  reporting, feature and opinion writing, interviewing, editing, headline and caption writing, photography, and graphic design.  With each edition, the students learn and improve; so, too, does the paper.  

The juniors and seniors who produce the Tiger Stripes like to put their own particular stamp on the paper, so each year the coverage is a little different, the opinion pieces are different, and the entertainment section too — all reflecting the interesting mix of students who are publishing the paper.

This year, the paper is being printed in a different format — smaller pages but more of them, and full color — which resulted in a total redesign of the paper. It’s been a challenging learning process, but also a satisfying one.

Newspaper II is a supplemental newspaper class, where students have been working on a variety of projects. One that will continue throughout the year is the publishing of the Weekly Roar, an email and limited print weekly newsletter.

Another project this class worked on is the creation of an interview show, called “The Paw’dcast”. The episodes are posted on HHS’s YouTube channel.

A group of students has been diligently archiving past issues of the Tiger Stripes newspaper, some of which go back 100 years. Once the issues have been photographed and preserved, they’ll be posted on the Huron School District’s website for all to enjoy.

The final group created a pamphlet for students who transfer to HHS after the school year has begun — sort of “Student’s Guide” to life at HHS.

Honors Language Arts 10 students spent their first semester reading two novels, “Fahrenheit 451,” by Ray Bradbury, and “Night,” by Elie Weisel. Students also completed a unit on literary and rhetorical devices, analyzing a section of Plato’s Republic, “The Allegory of the Cave,” Martin Luther King’s “Letter from Birmingham Jail,” and Patrick Henry’s “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. The culmination of that unit was an essay and poster-board presentation on famous speeches in history. Students chose a speech, wrote an analytical essay on the speech, created a poster-board display to accompany their speech, and then taught the class a little about their chosen speeches through presentations.

Throughout both semesters, students in HLA10 also review punctuation and grammar.

Next semester, students will write research papers, read the plays Julius Caesar and Antigone, and read two more novels.

Submitted by Sarah Rubish, ELA teacher at HHS

Huron Middle School

• At Huron Middle School, the homerooms have been competing in Penny Wars. This has gotten the students involved and excited about “beating” the other homeroom classes, while raising money for the Salvation Army Food Bank. In ELA class, the read the book, “The Giver,” and have now started watching the movie. The students are learning how to complete a Venn diagram and write a compare and contrast paragraph over the works of literature.

Submitted by Brittany McClanahan, seventh- and eighth-grade resource

• The first semester of sixth grade is winding down but the energy is still high. Students are having fun with the Penny Wars; door decorating contests and dress up days. The students are starting a book study on either “Esparanza Rising,” “Restart,” or “Hoot” to finish out ELA. Math is learning about decimals and ratios. Science has dived into animal and plant cells. 

Submitted by Abbie Moring, sixth-grade special education