School notes 12-23-23


HMS Science
Seventh grade science has started a new curriculum this year with McGraw-Hill. This curriculum will encompass all three aspects of science which include Earth, Life, and Physical Science.  Along with this new curriculum came an upgrade with technology. Each student has been able to work on a Chromebook in the classroom to access all online resources. The students are also able to access this curriculum on any device that is connected to the internet elsewhere. They simply just need to go to the Huron School District website, click on Curriculum, and then log into their Clever accounts.

The information they have covered so far has been related to Earth Science. They have explored everything from the deep layers of the earth to fossils to erosion and weathering. They are just finishing up with the weather and climate. When the New Year begins, they will be moving onto Life Science.

Submitted by Heidi Blue and Sharon Engelhart, science teachers

Buchanan K-1 Center
Our youngest tigers are off to a great start in Physical Education at Buchanan. We began the year “Building a Foundation,” by learning locomotor movements, rules, procedures, and safety in the gym. A major component of our foundation was personal and general space, which we continue to work on daily.

After building our foundation we moved on to a unit on manipulatives, which included exploration with bean bags, scarves and hula hoops. We are currently finishing up balance, stunts and tumbling.

Following the holiday break, we are looking forward to units on catching/throwing, jumping, kicking/trapping and dribbling/volleying/striking. Our students will also have the opportunity to participate in the Kids Heart Challenge through the American Heart Association in February/March. We will finish the school year by learning to ride Strider Bicycles and having our traditional field day in May.

The students continue to bring excitement and energy to class every day. We strive to work hard, while being respectful and supportive of each other. Hopefully everyone enjoys their holiday break and can find ways to stay active!

Submitted by Jeremy Noyes

HHS Music
What an exciting first semester it was in the Huron High School Vocal Music Department! Leading the charge is none other than Mrs. Teresa Smith, the former director at Huron Middle School.

This year has been a whirlwind of musical brilliance, kicking off with the awe-inspiring All State Chorus in Rapid City. November witnessed a spellbinding fall concert that left the audience in awe.

But wait, there’s more! The choirs didn’t just stop performances; they embraced the spirit of giving with a heartwarming contribution to the Salvation Army Christmas Basket. As December arrived, the grand Winter Music Extravaganza Concert took center stage, showcasing the incredible talents of the choir, orchestra, and band in a symphony of sound.

The Madrigal Singers, like musical messengers, have been spreading holiday cheer throughout the city.

From a captivating performance at a church brunch to upcoming shows that will rock the halls of elementary schools and the middle school, these performers are bringing the magic of the season to every corner of the community.

Submitted by Teresa Smith

HHS Special Education

Students in the DLC (Developmental Learning Class) room have been working on academic and transition skills to increase their knowledge and improve their independence.  

In Math students work on basic independent math skills, banking skills and budgeting.  We have been practicing check writing and writing out deposit slips along with making decisions regarding what fits into our budget and what does not.

The Language Arts class is finishing up a book studies on Hamlet and the Incredible Ivan.  We are also working on grammar and reading menus and recipes.

In Social Skills students participate in interactive activities to learn work on self-management, positive relationships, problem solving, teamwork, decision making, and social awareness and empathy. We also plan activities and have learned about social skills regarding the difference between home and school rules, and learned about different authority figures we may interact with throughout the school day.

Submitted by Samantha Kruse

Madison 2-3 Center
In the dynamic landscape of education, the emphasis on fostering not only academic excellence but also social skills and personal development has become paramount. Students today are navigating a complex world that demands a well-rounded skill set, and teachers are recognizing the importance of nurturing these abilities alongside traditional academic pursuits.

How can you help at home? Limit your child’s screen time, promote a love for reading — your child doesn’t have to be the one reading, encourage your child to be involved in activities, be supportive and positive emphasizing the value of effort, perseverance, and learning from mistakes. Celebrate your child and their achievements today. Recognizing and celebrating achievements, both big and small, academic and nonacademic, plays a crucial role in motivating students to keep working when things get tough. Together, we can make a difference.  

Submitted by Tracy Albrecht, Kristie Clark and Stacey Westby, special education at Madison 2-3 Center