School notes 12-9-23


Huron High School
This year in Matt Busch’s building and trades class at Huron High School, students spent the first two weeks in the classroom going over all of the safety rules. Also, they went over how to start building a house, such as learning how to pour concrete, since the students do not actually get to do that step. After learning about safety and concrete, the students completed safety tests on the power tools in the shop.

The first step in building the house was for the students to set and level concrete blocks for the temporary foundation of the house. Once everything was level the students got to really begin using the skills and tools they had been learning about. The students started with the floor system. After the students completed the floor system, they took a test over the floor system to see what they had learned. Next, they moved on to building the walls for the house. The students framed all the exterior and interior walls. Again, after completing the walls in the house, the students were required to take a test over the interior and exterior walls to see what they had learned.

After the walls were completed, the students started on the roof of the house. They set roof trusses and then started to install plywood on top of them. This is where they are currently. As soon as the plywood is finished, the students will shingle the roof, install windows and doors, and then move to the inside of the house where the sheetrocking and drywall process will begin.

Submitted by Matt Busch, CTE – Building and Trades

Huron Middle School
As December approaches, the 7th grade ELA classes will begin to move into a Christmas Carol unit.

Students will learn the history of “A Christmas Carol” and the impact it has had on society. Students will be reading through the play as well as the novel. They will also have the opportunity to see how different directors and technology play a role in the cinematic adaptations throughout the years of “A Christmas Carol.” Students will delve into Scrooge’s life and learn that there is a lot to learn about love and loss, and how they can apply Scrooge’s transformation to their own lives.

Submitted by Myranda Holtrop and Kristi Winegar, seventh-grade ELA teachers

Madison 2-3 Center
Music at Madison 2-3 center is thriving. They just wrapped up their annual fall music concert on Nov. 13.

Second and third grade each presented a musical titled “It’s a Hit.” The music followed the story of a new girl in town who wanted to be the pitcher of the baseball team. The kids knocked it out of the park. As they move into December, they will be doing a unit of the “Nutcracker Suite” by Pyotr Tchaikovsky. The students will listen to the songs and do activities based on the songs. They will also watch selections from the New York City Ballet. They also learn a large variety of holiday tunes and do a big sing-along together before Christmas break.

Submitted by Emily Salinas, music teacher

Huron Middle School PE
When we think about exercise, we imagine ourselves lifting weights, running, or attending a Spin class. We feel the pain and the suffering of trying to fight the battle of the bulge. For our students, exercise means playing and being physically active.  By incorporating games into our middle school fitness classes, students can still be active and learn the lifetime skills of working together to meet a common goal, communication skills, the power of a positive attitude, and sportsmanship.  

This quarter in middle school physical education classes we have provided our students with a variety of different games such as Nitro Ball, Volleyball, Pickleball, 2 Base, Castleball, and Ultimate Kickball to keep our class fresh and exciting. We also have incorporated Fitness and Fun Friday. By combining a regular physical activity program and a healthy diet students will have stronger muscles and bones, be less likely to become overweight, decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and have a better outlook on life. The best way to get your son or daughter hooked on exercise is by being a good role model. Too many of us are bad role models because we skip breakfast to rush off to work, eat fast food for lunch because it is convenient, and then crash in front of the television at night because we are tired. Be a role model for your children and exercise! Your health depends on it!

Submitted by Tim Buddenhagen and Julie King, HMS physical education

Madison 2-3 Center PE
What’s been happening in Allen Steffen’s gym class at Madison 2-3 Center? We started the year off with learning exercises and spatial awareness (Learning their Space) as well as playing a bunch of tag games.Then we moved on to units like Soccer, Football, Exercising Stations — pull-ups, sit-ups, climbing rope, lunges, and squats.

This year with the new equipment Madison added, the students got taught how to play Pickleball, which they really enjoyed, and played Ga Ga Ball. This is where they have a pit area with 10-15 students in the pit. The ball stays on the ground and is hit with your hand, and if the ball touches you below the knee you’re out and people are rotated in and out. The kids really enjoyed the two new games that we have been playing. I like to hear how parents are working out with their child. Keep them as active as you can. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to everyone!

Submitted by Allen Steffen, PE teacher